Tuesday March 20th Create Task

User input still not functioning correctly. Lists in place. Functions planned out for the rest of the program. Need a function to cross check if fruit is on sale, sale price, etc.

Monday March 19th Create Task

User check is in, does not function correctly yet. Asks for input from user twice. Lists function correctly, but I'm not sure if they need to be extended. How to reply to input of a fruit that is not on either list?

Friday March 16th Create Task

Created two lists, one of the fruit that will be on sale, one of all available fruits to pick from. Need to create a check for user input that is valid and non numeric.

3/12/2018 Create Task

Decided to do a fruit store program, it will have user input and functions to check what fruit is available an on sale.

The Internet and IP Addresses

What is a protocol?Widely accepted rules that govern how data is shared through the internet
 What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?The digital address, which consists of a unique sequence of numbers for each device accessing the internet, that can be used as a reference of where to send data to, as well as a way to track where data comes from. 
 How is it organized hierarchically?Most IP Addresses have 4 parts, 8 bits each, dividing into country, region, sub-region, and specific device. 
 How many bits are in an IPv4 address?32 bits
 How many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  2^32, or roughly over 4 billion
 What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4.  IPv6 has 128 bits while IPv4 has only 32 
 Why do we need IPv6?IPv6 is necessary because it will ensure that enough unique IP addresses can be created for all of the devices accessing the internet
 What is an IP packet?IP packets are pieces of information send individually through the internet and are reassembeled upon arrival …

10/27/17 Homework

Article 1:

This is about AccuWeather using anonymous data from its users even after the user says they do not want to share their data outside of the app. The reason they were able to do this is because in their question they specified that they would not use the information through the app while it runs in the background, but they are using the anonymized data outside of the app. This article shows that apps have access to your data, which is not a new idea, and that they can use it without your knowing. 
Article 2:

The second article initially introduces the idea that fake ads could be used by employers, strangers, or digital theives to trick you into giving away information.  To further on this the article states that for roughly $1,000 can purchace online ads to track the location of individuals and find out what apps they're using. To do this, interaction with the app is not needed. There are some ways this could be delt with, such as watching ad buyers usage patterns. A patter…