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10/27/17 Homework

Article 1:

This is about AccuWeather using anonymous data from its users even after the user says they do not want to share their data outside of the app. The reason they were able to do this is because in their question they specified that they would not use the information through the app while it runs in the background, but they are using the anonymized data outside of the app. This article shows that apps have access to your data, which is not a new idea, and that they can use it without your knowing. 
Article 2:

The second article initially introduces the idea that fake ads could be used by employers, strangers, or digital theives to trick you into giving away information.  To further on this the article states that for roughly $1,000 can purchace online ads to track the location of individuals and find out what apps they're using. To do this, interaction with the app is not needed. There are some ways this could be delt with, such as watching ad buyers usage patterns. A patter…

10/2/17 Homework

Micro Chipping in Humans:


Prevent child abductions, or help locate lost childrenReduce theft rate (in cases where micro chip is replacing a physical item)Identification (no more baby mix ups!)Health analysisCriminal management 


GPS would know if you were speeding, minor crime preventionData leaks, new technology always has bugsHardware replacement / upgradesBody migrationMRI scanners cannot scan with metal implantsNo universal standardsor all in one chip Micro chipping in humans has a wide range of possibilites, many of which are beneficial and would improve the lives of many. Being able to protect children and elderly, for example, would be a paramount civilian safetly improvement. Because there are no universal standards it seems this technology will be developing for a while, though. The inconvienience of getting multiple micro chips, or having them taken out and put in a multitude of times is highly unappealing.